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St Edmunds



LVS Ascot


St Edmunds




University, Art & Medical School Preparation

Arts University Bournemouth


Our highly practical courses allow you to explore a range of approaches to creative thinking and making in a variety of art forms.  As well as learning about creative techniques and processes, you’ll increase confidence in your artistic abilities, giving you the opportunity to make a more informed decision about your future.

You may be enrolling to improve your arts portfolio, to supplement your university application or because you want to enrich your CV or interest in the creative world. It’s a great addition to further education applications and personal statement. As a result, many of our Summer Course students go onto study successfully at degree level.

Choose from:

  • British Architecture & 3D Design
  • Introduction to Animation
  • Introduction to Fashion Design
  • Complete Filmmaking
  • Creative Make-up for Stage & Screen
  • Creative Photography Portfolio
  • Portfolio Preparation for the Creative Arts
Location: Poole
Ages: 16 to 18+     Start dates: 23 July - 9 August    Duration: 3 weeks
Accommodation: University Accommodation
Fees: £3495


International Community School

Ticket to Universities

ICS London Summer School

This intensive two-week course is designed to prepare students for the IELTS exam and for applying to university.

The course opens with an ‘interest interview’ to identify courses that best fit each participant’s passions, skills,
academic interests and grades. Students will visit top London universities and hear from their experts about
what students need to focus on to be a successful candidate. Students tour university campuses and libraries
to get a sense of what it means to be an undergraduate in London.

Candidates will be guided through the process of writing a resume and a personal statement, and identifying
referees to provide testimonials. They will also work on university interview skills and how to use their experience and knowledge of the world to give them a head start when applying for academic life in the UK.

With our expert guidance, candidates will prepare for the high-stakes IELTS Academic test. This test is recognised
as evidence of proficiency in English by more than 9,000 education and training providers worldwide.

Organisation: ICS
Location: London
Ages: 16 to 18     Start dates: 15, 29 July     Duration: 2 weeks
Accommodation: Single or twin bedrooms
Fees: £595 per week


Oxbridge International Summer School

Lincoln College Oxbridge Summer School

The Oxbridge International Summer School is a 2 or 4-week long academic programme in the UK that brings enthusiastic students from all over the world together to study in the beautiful city of Oxford. There is a choice of twelve subjects to study: Coding, Biology, Economics, Engineering, English Literature, History, Law, Medicine, Physics, Politics, and Psychology, all taught by Oxbridge-educated tutors in small class sizes with a maximum of 6 students. Alongside the strong academic focus (including 1-1 tutorials) the programme offers a full extra-curricular programme, including day trips, cultural activities, eating out and exploring the university. Students make life-long friendships with other motivated students from across the globe and give us the best reviews on Trustpilot of any Oxford summer school. Accommodation is in Lincoln College where the teaching also takes place, allowing students to have a real Oxford University experience. 

Organisation: Oxbridge International
Location: Oxford
Ages: 15 to 18     Start dates: 7, 21 July, 4 August 2019    Duration: 2 or 4 weeks
Accommodation: Single occupancy en-suite rooms in Oxford University accommodation
Fees: 2 weeks - £4495
4 weeks - £8500


The Oratory School

The MSAG Medical School Summer School

This two-week residential course is designed for anyone who wants gain a real-life experience of what a career in medicine will look like to determine if this the right career path for them. The course is designed for students from the age of 16+  who are looking for authentic, practical experience, as well as any undergraduate or graduate students with an interest in general medicine and surgery. Exposure to a variety of specialities will help you find your passion. This will help you understand a wide variety of professions within medicine, and help you decide if Medicine is the right choice for you.

Organisation: theMSAG (Medical School Application Guide)
Location: Reading
Ages: 16+ to     Start dates: 22 July 2019    Duration: 2 weeks
Accommodation: School boarding house - single and shared rooms
Fees: £3500
£2950 if booked before 19 Feb 2019)


Arts University Bournemouth


Arts University Bournemouth

This exciting 2 week inclusive course is fully residential with students experiencing life on a state-of-the art university campus and also in the university accommodation.  It has been specifically designed for young students with a keen interest in the arts, providing them with a stimulating experience to explore creative pathways and develop skills for the future. 

It’s a hands-on course, combines creative teaching with a variety of workshops and practical sessions. Students are encouraged to experiment with a mix of arts subjects, to explore creative style and understanding of the creative process from idea development to finished piece. Through discussions, presentations and creative multi-disciplinary projects, they will produce work for their portfolio and develop skills that benefit current school studies and beyond such as research and analysis, problem solving and working in groups. 

Afternoon creative sessions will take place on campus where students can enjoy a range of pre-planned activities, workshops and entertainment. There are also activities and day trips planned for the weekend.

It’s the perfect course to learn, grow in confidence and have fun all whilst mixing with students from around the globe.

Location: Poole
Ages: 14 to 16     Start dates: 29 July - 9 August 2019    Duration: 2 weeks
Accommodation: Single en-suite study bedroom
Fees: £3495


Oxford College Summer School

Oxford College Summer School

Oxford College Summer School takes place at St Hugh's College and Wycliffe Hall, which both belong to Oxford University.  With a variety of English language and subject courses available, alongside university preparation workshops, the summer school provides a fantastic platform for students wanting to study in the UK. Students receive 41 hours tuition over 2 weeks. This consists of 30 hours subject-specific tuition, 8 hours of University Preparation and 3 hours of London Academic Excursions. At the end of the Summer School course, all students will deliver a group presentation. There are 11 elective courses to choose from in a diverse range of subjects such as  Engineering, International Relations, Law, History of Art and Academic Discovery.

The summer school includes a variety of social and cultural activities for fun and wellbeing. There are two full-day excursions each week to places such as Brighton, Bristol, Stratford-upon-Avon and Bath.

Organisation: Summer Boarding Courses
Location: Oxford
Ages: 15 to 17     Start dates: 8,22 July, 5 August 2019    Duration: 2,4 or 6 weeks
Accommodation: Single, twin or triple study rooms
Fees: 2 weeks - £3500-4000
4 weeks - £7000
6 weeks - £9000


DLD College London - Medicine

Get Ready for Medicine

London Bus Academic Summer School DLD

The Academic Summer Medical Programme is an intensive two-week course, tailor-made for students who want to study medicine. This interactive and innovative program is designed and led by UK medical students who can share and advise from their own personal experiences.

The course includes 40 hours of concentrated teaching per week. This includes opportunities to experience and visit real clinical settings and pioneering medical research facilities. You attend a clinical workshop led by a doctor. You have medical related trips and will join the Academic Summer leisure programme for some weekday and two weekend trips. In addition to enriching your medical knowledge, we aim to further develop your interpersonal skills including teamwork, leadership and communication.

The medical programme includes the following:

  • First Aid qualification
  • Medical related trips including a visit to a medical school
  • Visit to a London hospital and medical research facilities
  • Teamwork, communication and problem-solving workshops
  • Medical ethics
  • Clinical workshop with a doctor
  • Clinical scenarios
  • Biology and Chemistry practicals including a heart dissection
  • Personal statement and interview practice
  • UKCAT and BMAT

You will carry out an individual research project that will involve you giving a presentation, writing an extended essay and developing your IT skills. You will learn about the importance of getting the right work experience as well as being introduced to BMAT and UKCAT so you gain an understanding of how to apply to study medicine in the UK.

You will study in a small group of maximum of 15 students

Organisation: Academic Summer
Location: London
Ages: 15 to 18     Start dates: 6, 27 July 2019    Duration: 2 weeks
Accommodation: School boarding house - single study bedrooms
Fees: £3500


Concord College University Programme

University Preparation Summer School

Concord College is a prestigious independent school, which welcomes students from all over the world into their vibrant and varied community. Concord College’s main term students have an impressive record of offers from top universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, Imperial College London, London School of Economics and University College London and these preparation courses will support motivated, academically gifted students to realise their ambitions. This programme is designed by Concord's own Oxbridge-educated teaching professionals and will help students aged 16-18 demonstrate their full potential during any university selection process.  It will include:

  • Lectures and master classes from world-class subject specialists from Oxford, Cambridge and other leading universities
  • University admissions tests preparation, including BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT, MAT, TSA, STEP, PAT, HAT
  • Interview practice, including MMI training for medics and UCAS application support

There are 5 options available: Law, Medicine, Natural Sciences, Economics with Politics & Philosophy and Engineering.  Accommodation is provided within the superb grounds, with 24-hour supervision to ensure student safety and wellbeing.

Organisation: Concord College
Location: Shropshire
Ages: 16 to 18     Start dates: 30 June, 14, 28 July 2019    Duration: 12 days
Accommodation: Single Study Bedrooms
Fees: £3650


Cardiff Sixth Form College - Oxbridge Preparation

Oxbridge Preparation

If you excel academically and have the drive to succeed, you may be considering an application to Oxford or Cambridge. These institutions are among the most selective universities in the world so it’s all about academic ability, potential and commitment. This course will help students to understand what sets Oxbridge apart from other universities and what the application process entails. The programme will also be useful for students considering other top universities such as London School of Economics, Imperial College London, University College London, Durham University and others.This programme is run by Cardiff 6th Form College, which has topped the independent school league tables for the past 6 years, and whose students regularly receive offers from Oxford and Cambridge. This special programme includes classes to push students beyond the confines of their 6th form studies, encouraging them to approach subjects form different angles and challenge themselves to think outside the box. There are special sessions on writing an effective personal statement, preparing for Oxbridge subject tests (eg STEP) and intensive one to one interview practice. Accommodation is provided in fantastic new residences in central Cardiff, the capital city of Wales which offers a huge range of cultural and sporting activities. There is a full programme of activities and excursions included.

Location: Cardiff
Ages: 14 to 19     Start dates: 15 July 2019    Duration: 2 weeks
Accommodation: Full board in single rooms
Fees: 2 weeks - £3200


Dulwich College - Advanced GYL

Advanced Global Young Leaders

Dulwich College Summer School


Advanced Global Young Leaders Advanced GYL is designed to equip students with the skills required for entry into top universities globally and develop their confidence and independence. This course introduces students to the British Parliamentary debating format used in the World and European University Debating Championships. The PPE course works alongside the debating course to enable students to critically engage with the world around them. The course is open to 14-17-year-old native speakers and those with Upper Intermediate and Advanced level of English, prior debating experience preferred.

Organisation: Our World English
Location: Dulwich College
Ages: 14 to 17     Start dates: 8, 22 July 2019    Duration: 2 weeks
Accommodation: En-suite bedrooms, single or twin
Fees: £2800


DLD College London - IELTS

IELTS Prep & Exam

London Bus Academic Summer School DLD

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and is designed to test the language ability of people who want to study at undergraduate or postgraduate levels, where English is used as the language of communication. Over 9000 organisations worldwide accept IELTS as proof of language ability.

This IELTS Preparation programme focuses on the Academic IELTS and is a one-week intensive programme. It will cover four main modules:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening 
  • Speaking

Students will study 25 hours and will have four lessons every day from Monday to Friday. During this time the main topics will be covered, the main task types will be explained, and hints and tips for each paper will be provided. You will learn lots of useful exam techniques to help you get the best results.  The programme will include practice exercises as well as mock practice papers. Students will get an instant feedback on their answers and will have an opportunity to compare their performance with other classmates.

The course includes the examination fee.


Organisation: Academic Summer
Location: London
Ages: 15 to 18     Start dates: 20 July    Duration: 8 days
Accommodation: School boarding house - single study bedrooms
Fees: £1870


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